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May, 2024 / CA Cares Grant

Awarded $4,000 by the Office of Innovation and Commercialization at UC San Diego 

May, 2024 / Featured in UCSD Today

As part of the story about the Triton Innovation Challenge, our founder was quoted sharing our vision

April, 2024 / Triton Innovation Challenge

Awarded $7,500 as Winners of the Triton Innovation Challenge at UC San Diego

January, 2024 / StartBlue Accelerator

Accepted into the StartBlue accelerator along with 7 other ocean tech companies 

December, 2023 / Kanpur Literature Festival

Sponsored the Kanpur Literature Festival to soft launch our product in front of an artistic and environment-conscious audience. Recognized in the print publication of the Times of India. 

October, 2023 / Blackstone Launchpad FA23

Continuing our journey at the Design & Innovation Building @ UCSD

May, 2023 / Intellectual Property

Applied for trademarks and a patent to secure our brand and photobioreactor design 

March, 2023 / "Let's Bring Oxygen Back."

The first time we used the words we live by

January, 2023 / Blackstone IDEAS Competition

Awarded $1,000 as Finalists at the Blackstone IDEAS competition

October, 2022 / Blackstone Launchpad FA22

Accepted into the Blackstone Launchpad Accelerator Program at UCSD

September, 2022 / "What if we grow algae?"

Upon finding out that 85% of the planet's oxygen comes from the oceanic plankton, that's the question that started it all

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